examine all items sold on our site to ensure authenticity to the best of our knowledge, it is for this reason we insist on examining all items prior to them being sold on your behalf. 

we update our coin lists regularly, therefore to avoid disappointment please check on our website at  regularly to avoid disappointment, alternatively sign up for our alerts (letting us know what are your interests are) via the "Contact Form" page by clicking here or using the tabs above..


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As loyalty towards our regular clients, where possible we may share lists for their speciality wants with them first before publically sharing coin or other items listings on this website. Lists will be updated every few weeks or as practicable.

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We know there will be many changes and improvements along the way,  we, therefore, beg your patience while we go through this learning process.  We welcome being informed of what seems wrong or doesn't work for you or even what you would like to see. Please do continue telling us all this, so we may be able to better support your hobby in the future.....